Photography has been a passion and no, it wasn’t by accident that I got into it. It’s one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made and the toughest to abide by; but man, am I proud of it! Travel has helped me improve my perception and developed my inclination towards architecture & interior photography. Capturing the perfect light & the aesthetics of the space fascinates me to no end. My work reflects the warmth of natural light in every home I have photographed. Through out my journey as an interior photographer, I have captured more than 200 home, studio & retails spaces. My work has been published in illustrious magazines like Vogue India, Architectural Digest India, Elle Decor India, Beautiful Homes & Goodhomes. I'm based in Mumbai, which is my primary area of work but should an opportunity call, I’m all game to traveling the wide world over!


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Winner of Best of Houzz 2021 award in Design Photography

Winner of Best of Houzz 2022 award in Design Photography